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Kiran Bacche

About Kiran

Kiran Bacche (Author of “Mathematical Approach to Puzzle Solving”, Global Math Project Ambassador) loves teaching mathematics. He has authored numerous articles explaining math concepts in a simple visual way. He also conducts activity oriented math sessions for students in Bangalore. His vision is to promote mathematical thinking in students, in a fun and joyous way.


- Computer Science, University of Mysore.
- Author of the international books "The Magic and Joy of Exploding Dots" and "Mathematical Approach to Puzzle Solving".
- Global Math Project India Ambassador.
- Member of AMTI. (The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India)
- Engaged with ED3D Team to redefine the boundaries of modern education through innovation based "Design Thinking" pedagogy.
- Runs the "Bangalore Math Circle" open community group.
- Articles on math concepts and applications published in Mathematics Magazine (Canada) and Teachers of India Portal.
- Conducts Math workshops in Bangalore on application of math concepts.
- Speaker at Vishvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum on Dec 22nd 2017 on the occasion of National Mathematics Day.

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