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The Magic & Joy of Exploding Dots: A revolutionary concept that changes the way we learn and teach mathematics

This book is all about Exploding Dots. So let’s start with “What are Exploding Dots?”

Exploding Dots is the name of an astounding mathematical story that starts at the very beginning of mathematics – it assumes nothing – and swiftly takes you a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, high-school polynomials algebra, infinite sums, and advanced mathematics and unsolved research problems baffling mathematicians still to this day.

It starts with the mathematics you already know and transforms it in astounding new light. You and your students will immediately see the power you each have to play with and understand advanced mathematics with absolute ease.

Next, “For what grade levels are Exploding best suited ?”

The story of Exploding Dots is best for primary school students, for high school students, for college students, and for all adults interested in exploring cool and exciting mathematics!

Finally, “Does the topic of Exploding Dots follow a particular curriculum?”

Exploding Dots covers arithmetic and algebra of school mathematics – and a lot more! – but is not tied to a particular curriculum. It is directly relevant to classroom work and remains universal.

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